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48 Hour Notice/Physical Eviction

Once you receive the Execution for Eviction/Possession from the court (usually 7-10 days after the judgment date) we may now procede with the actual eviction.

·       Residential property tenants must be served a 48 hour notice.  The 48 hour notice will state:

·       The date and time

·       The constable effectuating the eviction

·       The moving company information and warehouses address

There are other considerations when evicting:

The notice must be a full 48 hours and must not include weekends. 

The scheduled date and time of the physical eviction start time must be during court hours and days of operation (commercial properties can be moved out on Saturdays). 

Prior to serving the 48 hour notice the moving company must be notified and scheduled for that date and time.  All fees for the moving company and the Constable must be paid in full prior to serving the 48 hour notice.  If there is a cancellation, fees would be determined based on when proper notification of the cancellation.

The constable on scene we will initiate the eviction by securing the property and removing all occupants from the premises.  .

Once the property is secured, the movers will remove all of the tenant(s) belongings, bringing them to their licensed and bonded warehouse. .

Once the property has been secured and emptied of all the tenant’s items we will give possession of the property back to the landlord.  The landlord will want to change the locks while the Constable is on location.

Constable’s return of service will summarize the manner in which the tenant was evicted and citing total cost of the eviction.  The original execution will be returned to the court with a copy provided to the landlord for their records.

Family Court and Child Support

Services provided include, but not limited to:

·       Divorce or Annulment Summons

·       Separate Support Summons

·       Petition for Guardianship

·       Complaint to Establish Paternity

·       Complaint for Support-Custody-Visitation

·       Complaint for Modification

·       Motion for Temporary Orders

·       Restraining Order  or Order to stay away

·       Complaint for Contempt

·       CAPIAS (civil warrant)