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Property Levy (Execution)

An Execution is an order that permits a Judgment Creditor/Plaintiff the means to enforce payment to be made on their Judgment by placing a lien on the Judgment Debtor/Defendant’s property or seizing/levying the Debtors/Defendant’s personal assets and forcing a public auction.

A Judgment Creditor/Plaintiff has three options to effectuate upon an Execution.

    • Demand on Execution
    • Levy of Personal/Real Property
    • Levy on Real Estate (Writ of Attachment)

An Execution in Massachusetts earns interest at a rate of 12% annually and is calculated from the issue date.  Interest is calculated till the date of satisfaction.

Demand on Execution

With a Demand, a Constable serves upon the Judgment Debtor/Defendant a copy of the Execution along with documentation on means to satisfy. The Judgment Debtor/Defendant then has a specified amount of time to respond with a resolution scenario.


Levy of Personal & Real Property

If a Judgment Debtor/Defendant fails to remedy in full through arrangements with the Judgment Creditor/Plaintiff a levy of property may commence.  Some of the most accessible assets are items such as watercraft, motorcycles and automobiles. 

Levy of Real Estate (Writ of Attachment)

A Writ of Attachment is used to place a lien on Real Estate Property.  You must indicate whether the Writ should be recorded on the Unregistered or the Registered/Land Court side of Suffolk County Registry of Deeds.  The type of recording needs to be stated:


    • General (any and all property in the County of Suffolk)
    • General with Parcel (and/all property located in Suffolk County including but not limited to property at a specific address or book and page)
    • Specific (property located at a specific address or book and page)


    • Requires Certificate Number, Book and Page
    • Original Writ of Attachment will be returned upon completion of recording and will include the appropriate Return of Service